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2 definitions by yaboynekro

either a bag or blunt of weed with a dub in it (thats a gram for you dumbfucks) aka a fatty
Yooo motherfucker, lemme get a dubber

You got a bag too? Lets match up, smoke a dubber
by yaboynekro October 12, 2007
A blunt that is rolled by somebody who is not good at it. Usually, the person swears they can roll, but their blunt comes out loose, unrolls, doesn't hit right, burns for about 3 minutes, etc. A bully should be prevented whenever possible, don't let new potheads twist!
That kid Seeley rolled suchh a fuckin bully.

That bully ass blunt won't even get the two of us high, im about to face
by yaboynekro October 12, 2007