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Used by Vietnamese, picked up by the Veterans of the Vietnam War. Means "a lot of" or "many." derived from the French word "beaucoup" meaning 'much.'
We've got buku charlies just on the other side of hill 445.
by murdock92188 April 11, 2007
to have a lot of something (popular in Rhode Island)
Look at that car, he must have buku bucks.
by Brian Wagner March 05, 2003
Adj: To have something alot of, this word is used to describe something with alot of meaning.
1. Daaaaam! you see dat girl Judy? She got a buku ass!

2. (person one)

That new girl susan is buku ugly!
(person two)
yeah, shes also buku fat!
by SHANE143 July 03, 2010
Many, much of, lots of, in excess, largeness, huge

Origin: Vietnamese.
Man, I had bu-ku's of beer at the party last night!
by SkyKing December 30, 2007
verb; to bukus- a type of speech involving a cute pout, a shoulder shrug, and an irrisitble tone.
She kept begging me in bukus that I just couldn't resist
by Ivaana Fuquhlawt November 14, 2010
easily can be compared to hella
can be used in place of very or fuckin
that's buku cool!

Gina: thats dumb...that's buku dumb!

by sar uhh July 29, 2007
vietnamese currency in G.I slang
how much for that mamasan? for you 5 buku
by Allah Ahkbah May 12, 2008
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