6 definitions by 2tranced

Cheap Chunk Of Weed. Usually half of a dimes worth
She caught me with a Ccow
by 2tranced February 28, 2004
1. To make an embarassing mess up.
2. Making a wrong decision in a dillemma. (Ie. Say in cs you go 2 bombsite A, while the terrorists were at bombsite B, and they plant..what a flugey)
3. To be lazy
haha, your such a flugey
by 2tranced September 29, 2004
1.Be right back without a doubt.

2.Another way of saying "BRB"
Hey, I'm gonna Bee-R-Bizzle Foshizzle
by 2tranced April 11, 2004
Very Fucked Up Shit
Dude, that was some V-FUS
by 2tranced February 29, 2004
Turbo Charged Negro On Crack
Damn look at that TCNC go. He is running like there's no tomorrow.
by 2TranceD February 23, 2004
1. Big dick in Vietnamese
2. A large amount.
1.Damn that is one buku sucker you got there.
2. They are making buku dollars with that job.
by 2tranced March 07, 2004

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