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The bugle is a brass instrument used for marching purposes. They have been used in the military, bands, and drum corps. The standard bugle has no valves, but looks like a trumpet, and can only play certain intervals.

There are other types of bugles: Soprano, Alto, Mellophone, French horn, Baritone, Euphonium, and Contrabass. All the above instruments have been marched in Drum and Bugle Corps.
Did you see that bugle? It had one valve and one rotor!
by G Bass March 14, 2006
38 45
also "bugel"

I'll buy some bugle off you for £40
by KORG May 10, 2004
235 72
a slang term for the use of cocaine
do you want to get bang on the bugle tonight
by joe lad April 14, 2008
104 33
Bugles are cone shaped crunchy snacks often sold in vending machines. Hunched over bitches like to eat them after sex.
After sex, hunched over bitch's cat ( Bojangles) licks up all the Bugles crumbs.
by annamal83 September 10, 2013
4 2
To bugle is to throw up, be sick, chunder etc. Usually alcohol induced, but not exclusively. Can be used to to describe any act of vomiting. Originates from someone likening the sound, motion or action of throwing up to playing the bugle.

see vomit
I've drunk so much I want to bugle. He's having a whitey and I think he is going to bugle in a minute. I drank so much I bugled in the street. I was bugling all night after that dodgy curry.
by Lupinda November 22, 2006
13 25
Slang term for an uncircumsized penis because of the simmilarity to the popular chip-like snack known as "Bugles".
Hey, I just heard that Jeff has a bugle. I have to see it for myself.
by Jack Glasgow March 08, 2008
20 33
An object, person or place which is amazing, beautiful or generally has outstanding quality.

Rio is an absolute bugle of a city.
Alice is a little bugle.
by Henrick Herring August 05, 2006
19 32