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Playful or foolish behavior usually accompanied by stream of consciousness jokes and random quotes.

Whistle's "(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin'", A Tribe Called Quest's "Buggin' Out", De La Soul's "A Little Bit of Soap" and The Pharcyde's "Ya Mama" are a prime musical examples of what it is to be buggin'.
Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear? Man, you buggin'.
by minusbaby October 01, 2003
whilen or trippin out
mami let me fuck.. whoa we just met, u buggin..
by cookie January 04, 2005
Freaking out, going postal
Man, I'm totally buggin
by Cecilia March 08, 2004
Kirking out; freaking out.
Mary Mary, why you buggin?

Mary Mary, I need some huggin.
by rpfeff October 05, 2003
To be paranoid ( especially when high), or to freak out on someone.
Yo, I smoked that blunt before school and when I saw my teacher I was buggin.

Yo man I failed my math test yesterday.

What did your parents say?

My dad didn't say much but my mom was buggin.
by Mountain of rocks? April 24, 2009
A word used to describe strange or foolhardy behavior. This word can also be used to fill random voids when a lack of vocabulary occurs, mostly while describing another's actions.
1. Jesus: Judas, why you buggin'?

2. "And on the seventh day, God was buggin'."

3. Talents, interests, or hobbies:
- Singing
- Woodworking
- Motorcycles
- Travel
- Golf
- Buggin'

4. NIGGA 1: Dawg, dat bitch hotta than a mofoka'!
NIGGA 2: Hell yea f'sho brah, I poop in dat bitch's ass! I give dat bitch e-coli fo da pussy.
NIGGA 1: Niggah, you be buggin'.
by Tom Armstrong & Co. March 15, 2005
when your actin' ridiculous and crazy cause you're fallin' for a shorty
"damn shorty got me buggin'"
by dacyd November 19, 2006