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nigguh spelled backwards
Did you hear about the huggin running from the police?
by The man January 18, 2005
To incredibly disappoint someone out of the blue, when they were not expecting it.
One who betrays one's cause, or trust, especially one who commits treason.
Guy 1: Sorry I didn't get the keg in time, I fell asleep and when I woke up the place was closed.
Guy 2: how are we going to have a fucking party now with no beer? Way to let everyone down huggins.

K-state alum 1: Hey, I saw you on TV at the KU game in all red and blue what the fuck were you doing huggins?
K-state alum 2: well, you know my girlfriend went to KU.
k-state alum 1: I dont fucking care you huggins bastard.
by lindy April 06, 2007
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