a really nice pimped out car or anything of the sort
Aye yo, did u see Tims new bugged out escalade? he had them tight rims an' errthing!
by Lil C April 11, 2006
Top Definition
To have lost one's mind.. Not right in the head. Mentally unstable
e.g. "Yo Son, that chick bugged out. She called me 27 times last night."
by Choochie Boochie July 10, 2008
To be so fucked up that you have no concept of reality.
"Last night I was so bugged out I couldn't move."
by The Bugged Out Man January 19, 2013
You've overdosed and your lips go pale (white). You can't really move and everything is tingly so you just need to sit down, you're basically fucked.
he bugged out after we bunned on the weekend, did you see his lips omg
by 420blazin October 03, 2013
*Bizarre or Strange
1st person "you, I just won $25 on a scratch off"

2nd person "oh word? That's bugged out, I won $25 too!"
by elsewon January 07, 2014
to be scared or fear something.
person 1: yo dogg why u all bugged out?
person 2: cz my house is on fire, prick!
by jord!n June 09, 2006
a psycho, someone who see's bugs that aren't really there, the amount the person looks around at nothing psychotically determines how bugged out he is. Someone who is really bugged out see's bugs appear then dissapear all over his field of vision only experiencing fleeting moments of relief then panic as he turns his head to realize they are reappear somewhere else. Being bugged out also traces back to christian/devil worship, people who are plagued by more demons witness more bugs.
-yo that kid is bugged out!

-Na he's just a crack head

-same thing

by dv8umofo January 14, 2009
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