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4 definitions by slangman

Britsh Army slang - To move away from your current location very qucickly (often under fire) becasue your position has been compromised by the enemy.
The enemy attacked our observation post s be had to bug out
by slangman February 19, 2004
324 141
A bizarre characher in the 1970's britsh childrens show "The Magic Roundabout", who was half man half coiled spring and who leapt about everywhere. Widely believed to have represented a cocaine or speed dealer. (The Magic Roundabout had many drug refernces for those of you who havnt seen it)
And then zebedee appeared. "Hello Zebedee" said Florence
by slangman February 19, 2004
46 15
Britsh Army slang - to kill someone by shooting
I slotted the terrorist
by slangman February 19, 2004
35 12
slang for: what's up, what's going on, anything happening, any news, what's up in your world, etc.
Yo man wazckakalackin?
by Slangman October 04, 2004
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