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My girlfriend's son
Hon, the buffoon's been on the computer again downloading porn.

The school called. The buffoon hasn't been there in weeks.
by doug318 May 25, 2010
1. A clown; a jester.
2. A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.
3. See Sang.
1. Look at that buffoon dance.
2. You stupid buffoon.
3. Sang, you buffoon!
by 664 Inc. September 20, 2004
A jackass and world class fool
Geo.W is a Buffoon of epic proportion
by Tom Foster August 27, 2005
An 15th century term for a black pirate.
Is it acceptable to call Somali pirates buffoons?
by Skeezy Colorado April 24, 2010
a stupid person =clown
Look what you did now you buffoon.
by Light Joker October 08, 2004
A mix between a baboon, buffalo and possibly a muffin.
Mary: You know, I think a buffoon is a mix of a baboon and a buffalo. Oh! And a muffin too!
Ed: You're crazy
by EddyMJ3189 June 21, 2006
an incredibly sexy, funny, caring, amazing nerd.
stephanie+tianah the super buffoons.
by buffoon101 July 25, 2008