buffering is foreplay of the anus making it loose enough to insert your penis in without the use of lubrication.
fred was buffering mary as she chose dry for that evening and he did not want to cause her harm.
by beardocaravaner April 16, 2009
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1) Freezing mid thrust during rough or angry sex.

2) Freezing mid sentence during and intense argument.
I was totally banging my old lady last night and I stopped mid thrust. She asked what I was doing. I responded, "Its a new moved I learned from internet pr0n... It's called buffering"
by Reddit Thief September 29, 2010
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The time after a recently ended relationship where "getting back together" could still be possible as neither parties items have not been returned and finalizations have not been made.
"what is the status of your relationship with him"
"oh we are currently buffering"
by blckhrtnlv July 20, 2008
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The random pauses or forgetfulness in conversations that make you wait for details that aren't important anyway...
(Girl) "So the other day... I... uh... wait what was I saying?"
(Guy) "Buffering..."
(Girl) "SHUT UP! oh yeah I had like 6 cheeseburgers. I'm sooooo fat!"
(Guy) -Walking away- "What a dumb bitch..."
by truefortyfive July 30, 2012
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