The act of a female licking the asshole of her male partner.
She blew my fucking mind after she gave me that buffer.
by The duder 17 February 08, 2013
Top Definition
The name by which gipsy’s call people, who live on the grid, with social security numbers, attend school, and own a home. A buffer is the term that the gipsy’s call basically real people, whom they lift stuff off of.
I stole that buffers keys.
I don't go to buffer facilities like public school.
by John Yanchunis March 26, 2007
A friend who is willing to come along with you when you're meeting someone who might be interested in dating you, but you're not sure if you're interested in dating them.
Dude, Crissy from accounting is going to be at the bar tonight. I think she likes me, but I'm not sure if I'm into her. Can go with me as my buffer in case she turns out to be a psycho?
by LeBain November 10, 2007
Word often used by Irish Travellers to identify someone from the settled community. Travellers traditionally used "country people" but as most Travellers are now living in towns and citys its a bit outdated. Buffer is not an offensive word, but is Traveller slang so you wont find many older Travellers using it.
My fathers a Traveller but my mothers a Buffer
by KDK23 April 06, 2008
To load data, usually when watching a video.
Damn why is this new Killzone 2 footage taking so long to buffer!!
by rob shane August 31, 2007
something that the Corleone family had a lot of.
Senator Pat Geary: Mr. Cici, was there always a buffer involved?
Willi Cici: A what?
Senator Pat Geary: A buffer. Someone in between you and your possible superiors who passed on to you the actual order to kill someone.

-The Godfather 2
by spunkychick August 29, 2011
A towering demented mammal-amphibian, native to but not limited to Australia (found on all 8 continents), having four legs, one of which shaped like a cage, the others of which shaped like sasquatch hands, but contrary to walking on all four legs it staggers on one leg in somewhat of peg-leg motion. It has a dirty beard, a snout like a vicious anteater, but yet eats no ants, a tail in the middle of its stomach where most would assume a belly-button would be, a tentacle riddled orifice that is capable of dismantling an elephant in .2 seconds flat. The skin of the buffer has a slimy texture that it sheds every other blue moon, but the reason it is classified as a mammal-amphibian is because it has the very hairy and dirty beard and scientists decided to classify as the first of the fusion class of the two species. It is a shade of blue. It is most prominently found in underwater caves but is also found on land in moist areas. The buffer is capable if ever feeling threatened it can project poisonous darts, but it is rarely threatened.
If you see a buffer in the forest, run like Usain Bolt to your nearest home medical office.
by Na Na Mak October 07, 2009
A word used on the TV series "The Riches" used to describe non-travelers. Buffer is a corruption of the word buffoon which in turn may originate from the old Italian "buffare", meaning to puff out one's cheeks.
I stole that buffers keys.
I don't go to buffer facilities like public school.
by CharlieG May 01, 2008
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