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A friend who is willing to come along with you when you're meeting someone who might be interested in dating you, but you're not sure if you're interested in dating them.
Dude, Crissy from accounting is going to be at the bar tonight. I think she likes me, but I'm not sure if I'm into her. Can go with me as my buffer in case she turns out to be a psycho?
by LeBain November 10, 2007
What the French call a French kiss.
Mon dieu! Deed you see zat? Ee just English kissed eez secretary weez eez toungue.
by LeBain November 10, 2007
A straight male who you would swear is really gay.
That hippy seems so gay, but he's been married twice and has 6 kids. I guess he's just a happy heterosexual.
by LeBain November 10, 2007
A search engine that takes 4-6 week to return an incorrect answer.
Mon dieu, I search on zee eugle and am steel eeting my orse before it gums back!
by LeBain March 11, 2008
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