Buffalo is a drinking game that you can only play if you agree to play for life. There's no blood contract, but there might as well be. The rules are as follow:
-A buffalo player must always hold his or her drink
in his or her non-dominant hand. If you are ambidextrous you must declare a hand of choice prior to entering the game (for life).
-a failure to follow the first rule results in the ability for another buffalo player to call "BUFFALO!" on you. At this point you must chug your entire beer.
-There are many caveats. If a beer is in your dominant hand and also placed on a table or on your shoulder, or if you manage to inconspicuously touch your drink with any part of your non-dominant hand, then if "BUFFALO" is called it doesn't count. This is known as a "false buffalo," and the offending false accuser must then chug their beer.
-Another occasion in which the "false buffalo" rule can be invoked is if you are double fisting. This creates many interesting scenarios, as you can attempt to trick people by holding a beer in your dominant hand while holding one in your other hand also, perhaps under the table, behind your back, maybe in the pocket of a hoodie. Both beers must be open and must contain at least some beer for it to be a "false buffalo," otherwise youve been the victim of a legit buffalo call. Inducing a false buffalo is generally more respected than calling a successful one.
-Athletes may wish to incorporate "water buffalo" to stay hydrated.

Player 2: "Fuck I'm gonna puke," or "False Buffalo!"
by El Capitan Monsiuer Bisch January 25, 2010
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Another name for niggers. An older reference, but still effective and in use.
I was walking downtown and was approaches by two buffaloes demanding spare change. A few blocks down I ran into a few more selling drugs. Niggers are a plague on society.
by Larry Major In Omaha September 23, 2012
Is a cesspool of a city located in Western New York that has long been a constant drain on New York State for decades. Forbes Magazine summed it best when they said “Buffalo has long been synonymous with city-in-decline” when they named Buffalo, which easily could be called Americas Calcutta, as one of “America’s Fastest-Dying City.” This city has little to offer unless you’re into vacant homes or you’re a fan of a losing NFL team. Then you have hit the jackpot as Buffalo’s vacant housing rate is the highest in New York and trails only Detroit and New Orleans.

The only thing that temporarily seems to stop Buffalo’s exploding population decline is that every September thousands of average students across New York come to Buffalo’s mediocre and irrelevant private and SUNY colleges and universities where most experience being a victim of crime for the first time.

Buffalo’s greatest claim to fame is the mixing some rancid disgusting sauce with fried fatty chicken wings. The popularity of this food is evident by the gigantic size of the population. Visiting any mall is like the running of the bulls in Pamplona as Buffalonians waddle and wheeze to the food court or Lane Bryant.

You will find one good thing about Buffalo. You will really appreciate what you have back at home once leave.
Sam: “I m driving from Toronto to New York; I have to go through Buffahole. Can I borrow your body armor?”

Derek: "Good luck, last time I drove through Buffalo I was carjacked"
by hotdiggity67 December 05, 2010
Buffalo is a city in upstate New York that has something for everyone: shopping, partying, parks, people, art festivals, snow in the winter, beautiful seasons, architectural treasures, restaurants of every kind, and affordable housing. We have our share of crooked politicians, but, hey, tell me some place that does not?
Come on over to the city of good neighbors and we'll show you around!
by Medea June 17, 2005
A city everyone likes to hate on yet once you leave you miss it. Once you leave you don't eat for atleast a month because there is no good food except in Buffalo. See Mighty Taco Tim Hortons
I moved from Buffalo for Charlotte and I lost 20 pounds.
by Sarahm74 March 26, 2007
A drinking game in which you can only drink alchohol with your non-dominant hand and if another player sees you drinking with your dominant hand, they can call buffalo on you and you must finish your drink as quickly as possible.
Dick was drinking with his dominant hand and I called buffalo on him so he downed it.
by mike8392 May 01, 2006
everybody loves buffalo aka, b-lo, buffalove, bufflehoe .... Inspite of a diminishing economy and having the second highest poverty rate in the U.S it doesn't mean we dont know how to party. we have an outstanding night life and sports teams that are just amazing *cough*. in the west we have latinas and crew camp? in the east we got the GHETT0 * and north and south are for the irish people. we have the greatest suburbs like cheektavegas and the BURG. we have the ancor bar and bars on every street corner along with my mama and the prostitutes. we have a very cold winter and a beautiful summer. the lake is a gorgeous view and it is a way to escape from the city. the marina is the blace to be!! we love to drink! ge' somee ge' somee ! everybody love everybody in buffalo. and buffalonians know how to deal with whatever you throw at them so if you dont live here your a pansy ass bitch.
two dogs are conversing in the streets of buffalo ....
abbi: where can you get some buffalo wings?
rachelle: anywhere ! you can fiind them in a garbage can, at the gas station or local walmart, therse some laying in the basement of that abandond house, and my fat ass priest even hides some in the tabernacle at church!
abbi: what about beerr i love me some labatt on a cold winters day
rachelle: go anywhere for that too you can find it at an AA meeting, the rehab center up the road, those little kids are selling it over there and you can find some reallyy good stuff up my ass right now i saved it for later here just reach right up
abbi: get cho asss out-
rachelle- just grap some its right -
abbi- get the hell out of my hood right now-
rachelle- its really good just grap it it hasn't been there that lon-
abbi- i will beat you skinny spotted asss
rachelle- i see how it is..
by sophia & rachel June 19, 2008
Fat chicks...
Holy shit bro this club is filled with buffalos
by Shauny D April 27, 2011
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