1) To become deeply overweight in middle age without realising
2) Knowing that you're getting a bit porky but choosing to continue to wear skin tight clothing under the mistaken impression that you continue to look hot to members of the opposite sex

(Referring to Gil Gerard padding out his uniform a bit too well in the latter episodes of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century")
You really shouldn't a wear a thong to the office if you're too Buck Rogers... (Christ, she's bent over again)

Better to accept the fact that you've turned into Buck Rogers than carry on wearing skin tight bodies.

Fuck me, does Buck Rogers not know that t-shirt's two sizes too small..?
by Lou06 July 17, 2006
A pretty cool sci-fi show featuring Gil Gerard and that chick who played Ricky's mother on Silver Spoons
Dr. Theopolis fuckin' rules man.
by Amazing Bill December 19, 2003
A sexual position, when a male is on top of a female and her legs are up on his shoulders.
I fucked this chick buck rogers style last night.
by jbnc January 09, 2009
the best song ever written in the history of mankind, by a band called FEEDER
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
To be high on drugs.
I was out of my head last night, man. I was Buck Rogers, believe.
by Lorne Greene June 12, 2003

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