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to rush headlong into a suicidal career spin, then burn every bridge in sight including the one you're standing on, whilst providing some fleeting entertainment to your colleagues.
Wow, Jerry Maguire really should have thought it through before doing a costin.

Fuck me, Buck really felt the sting when Dave did a costin...
by Lou06 July 07, 2006
1) To become deeply overweight in middle age without realising
2) Knowing that you're getting a bit porky but choosing to continue to wear skin tight clothing under the mistaken impression that you continue to look hot to members of the opposite sex

(Referring to Gil Gerard padding out his uniform a bit too well in the latter episodes of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century")
You really shouldn't a wear a thong to the office if you're too Buck Rogers... (Christ, she's bent over again)

Better to accept the fact that you've turned into Buck Rogers than carry on wearing skin tight bodies.

Fuck me, does Buck Rogers not know that t-shirt's two sizes too small..?
by Lou06 July 17, 2006

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