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a females ass, preferably big
damn she got a bubble
by Jayo August 23, 2004
a usually homosexual position in which the person on the back gives anal sex and jerks them off at the same time
"He gave him the ol reacharound
by Jayo August 17, 2004
slang for porn, either on film or internet
"yo you got those jerk movies, son?"
by Jayo August 15, 2004
When a product, typically a complex one like an airplane or an iPhone, becomes completely inoperable as a result of a defective battery.
My old iPhone 3GS did not take Apple's recent earnings report well and decided it would Boeinging for no apparent reason, sparing the entire device any future disappointment. I'm pretty sure we could have talked things out, oh well.
by JAYO January 25, 2013
when the level of someones public lice or "crabs" gets to an unbearable level.
"those aint crabs, those are lobsters!"
by Jayo August 15, 2004
a woman who does not know how to give oral sex
"That hoe's a scraper!"
by Jayo August 15, 2004

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