A 1990-1995 Chevrolet Caprice having the rounded body style. May be a tricked out Hi-Riser. Bubbles were preceded by the more desirable 1997-1990 box.
That flaming bubble on Le Brons is one outrageous sled.
by Squareback May 26, 2006
The last person before the money in a poker tournament
Everytime Mark plays hes always out on the bubble.
by PokerVixen October 18, 2005
a bubble is someone of a greek origin
yo bubble wer u goin u malaka
by magiebird May 13, 2005
a stupid wierd girl from reno, there is ony one idk y we call her that
ohh danni is Bubbles
by JOJO746 June 05, 2009
When the contents of a personal sized bottle of soda/pop is emptied down to the

top of the label and refilled to the maximum capacity with Barton's

vodka(preferably) or substituted with any other liquor.

The name is in reference to the bubble shape of the top of the soda/pop bottle.

Also see Cubble
"She pounded an entire bubble...then stormed off"
by PO1 May 26, 2009
to talk incesantly; a peron who talks non-stop, often annoyingly
The girl next to me on the bus was a bubble, bubble. She would not get off the phone.

You are always bubbling on the phone.
by Ebonie December 09, 2005
From the perverted mind of a teenage girl thinking of how there are two things everyone blows; bubbles and whores.
Dude, did you see that chick walk by? she looked like a total bubble.
by paddleballz August 24, 2009
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