1. slack jawed yokel, white trash
2. big, slow black man who will love your ass
3. a fatty
All the bubbas find their way to Skippers for some deep fried lovin!
by Bud E Love May 07, 2003
1. A name you call a person when you get tired of calling them by their name
2. A random person that you don't know the name of
3. Random stereotype
1."Hi Dude"
"Hey Bubba"
'My names Max"
"yeah, i know"
2. "Whos that?"
"I dunno, a bubba?"
3. "AUG! Shes such a bubba!"
by lobsterluver January 24, 2011
Sexy beast who is AMAZING at soccer and is very polite and has many friends.
by maxi lopez December 07, 2010
1. n.- a redneck or hillbilly-ish nickname for a guy, similar to Jack.

2. n. - From the polish word baba which means old lady. Many Russian, Polish and other eastern European people call their grandmother Bubba or bubby.
Earl: Where's Bubba at? He's supposed to help me fix my truck.

Cletus: He said he went to his bubba's house for pierogies for lunch.
by darqcyde August 09, 2010
An excellent choice of herb for beginners- relaxing.
I had bubba the other night and slept like a baby without waking up until the clock went off.
by sherrymandalay September 12, 2009
In the southern U.S., means "big brother".
Hey, Bubba, what ya'll doin today?
by D. Kramer March 19, 2005
BUBBAA big ass black guy that shows you whats its like to be in prison
A big ass black guy that shows you whats its like to be in prison
by aaron October 14, 2004

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