a man whom i would love to take care of if you know what i mean mmmmmmm last name of barker
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
A really hott guy that has mucles, lots of em, and hes HOTT
hey look at bubba i love him SOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSOS MUCH
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
a hotty with a sexy body
Hey Bubba I love you!
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
A common name for a dog especially in the southern states.
I got a dog today. His name is Bubba
by SeeThRed May 06, 2003
Marijuana, weed, grass
"Is that marijuana?" "Yea, its that bubba bitch!"
by Kyilener June 07, 2007
a kind and loving man who was frame
Bubba: i love you!!
Soda: i wuvs you too!!
by Soda February 08, 2004
an Arkansa pigfucker

see bill clinton
bubba is a dumbfuck hick
by xjx December 08, 2003

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