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a hotty with a sexy body
Hey Bubba I love you!
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
A common name for a dog especially in the southern states.
I got a dog today. His name is Bubba
by SeeThRed May 06, 2003
Marijuana, weed, grass
"Is that marijuana?" "Yea, its that bubba bitch!"
by Kyilener June 07, 2007
a kind and loving man who was frame
Bubba: i love you!!
Soda: i wuvs you too!!
by Soda February 08, 2004
75kg white white big lip and braces and likes KFC
shrimp boat shrimp on the rough sea
by Bubba October 27, 2003
something to smoke!
'na canna!
by gaspa August 05, 2003
a not very bright rural type person; hick
I encountered a real bubba when I ask for directions at the gas station.
by Paul July 13, 2004