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A country in central europe (not eastern like someone said). Surrounded by Germany to the west, the Czech republik and Slovakia to the South, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Russia to the East. An ancient country founded in the middle 10th century by the Piast dynasty. Was one the the richest and biggest countries in europe after it merged with Lithuania, had the first ministry of education (ministy isn't the word I'm looking for), some of the first universities in europe, the second constitution (after the U.S), the first somewhat democratic system, great cavalry troops, but got partitioned due to interna conflics. Regaines it's independence in 1918, only to be invaded by Germany and Russia soon after (Poland actually propesed to attack Germany with France, but France backed out). After that it was made into a soviet satelite, until it rebelled and was made into a democratic republic. The communist hurt the economy making Poland significantly poorer than western europe, but improved education and other things. In the 1990s Poland improved it's economy, and prepared to joined the European Union. Poland joined the E.U in 2004. The current president is a former commie, and not that great. Poland is a very beatiful country, and I'm not just saying that, I'm from Poland and I've traveled to other countries. Beautiful cities- Krakow, Zakopane, Gdansk, Sopot, Kolobrzeg, etc. I am from Chorzow, which is pretty nice and has a huge park. The girls are pretty hot, and there aren't as many fat people as there are in America. Having lived there and in the United States, I can say that I would rather live in Poland. And one more thing- Polish people aren't stupid. Schools are much harder in Poland, and we generally think of Americans as stupid. Here are some random facts- there aren't a lot of black people in Poland, there are a lot of trams, cars are cheap, gas is not, education is free.
1. I am Poland, I am Polish.
2. I'm traveling to Poland this year.
3. I wish I was as cool as that Polish kid.
4. Canada is almost as cool as Poland.
by P0lishPimp August 26, 2005
The guy in prison who you shouldn't drop the soap in front off.
*Drops Soap* Hey who just shoved corn into my ass?!
by P0lishPimp August 27, 2005
A very skinny woman with fake breasts. Usually they eat a bagel and a ketchup packet and make themselves throw up. They think that all males would cutt off their left nut to sleep with them and act bitchy. Sometimes they bitch about how "hard" their life is. I am a straight male, and I don't like supermodels. Their beauty is not real, and they're too thin.
1. Some guy- Don't you think that supermodel chick is hot dude?
Me- I suppose she's attractive, but I think my *real life* girl frien is hotter. Besides, I don't want to fuck a skeleton.
by P0lishPimp August 27, 2005
What stupid teenagers waste tax money by doing.
1. Hey you mexicans, go away before I all Immigration!
by P0lishPimp August 27, 2005

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