an Arkansa pigfucker

see bill clinton
bubba is a dumbfuck hick
by xjx December 08, 2003
A large nasty crap. Consisting of chinese food. Very stinky most likely coming from a fat bitch.
Last night at the party betty and mark got drunk, and betty took a bubba on marks chest.

Eww, did you see that bubba in the toilet??
by McRichard April 24, 2007
A big black guy that goes around rapeing little kids at night
My jewish friend Matt got rape by Bubba last night so he didn't show up at school the next day.
by a random person September 21, 2004
worthless welfare bum that doesnt work and sleeps till three in the afternoon
that man is such a worthless bubba!
by bubbb ahh May 02, 2003
A very dumb and idiotic person.
He is a real bubba !!
by Karthik Narayanan November 16, 2007
1)An extremly low tech red neck.
2) An alias of georgew's.
bubba: Wanna go fishin?
htrn: Yeah, but lemme finish downloadin mah email first.
by daDebil February 29, 2004
Shade7x's best friend.
Shade and Bubba like to have threesomes with his old grandmother and sometimes the dog named melfina
by Apocalypse420 August 10, 2003

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