Someone with a VERY large penis. HILARIOUS! A very horny dude, who loves the feeling of girls rubbing up against him. He is amazing at pleasing women with his own style of sex position. Once your done in bed with him, all you'll be saying is..."MORE BUBBAAA, MORE!"
Can we do it like Bubba tonight?
#bubba #sexy #horny #fuckable #funny
by IronWoman03 January 27, 2011
Tall, cool, and hott who like to pop tires on weekends wit someone...has a fat steak!!
Everyone should have a friend named Bubba.
by Ghetto Fabulos March 15, 2003
danielle frank
hey bubba franks, suggadig!
by stumpo May 31, 2003
Bubba is basically a huge black ghetto guy who has "bitches" in prison they are usually small and weak inmates as he is in prison. He tends to ass rape his "bitches" and does other weird things like stick his big black veiny penis in their ears so they go deaf and struggle to walk ever again from the butt rape. He will give them pet names like "little white Alison" or "Betty strangle pussy" to make him seem less homosexual than he already is. He does this because he lacks in sexual activity and is over all desperate this is where the term "drop the soap" comes from because if you bend over to pick up the soap you aint ever gunna get back up.
"did you see Bubba ass rape lil' Timmy yesterday"
by Bubba-saur January 27, 2016
Heavy set man, of middle ages, with no foreskin. Who eats beans with everything
"Bubba you want beans?"

"Am wantin beans on everything"
That's Bubba Ray Dudley 3D
by smudgerdavie October 17, 2015
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