can be used in place of everything.
like can you pass me that bubba?
by bubba May 17, 2003
some one who likes to have affairs with old ppl
he had sex with my moms grandma
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
bubba is marvin. Marvin is the bubba. THE COOL. 8)
bubbas are the best =). especially the ho's!!! xD
by tiffyg0lol =) November 14, 2004
a chick with a lot of ass
damn bubba!! come here girl, YOU THICK!!
by aedrean June 05, 2004
a hot football player with huge muscles and a huge dick tall with braces but gets in trouble a lot
bubba bubba bubba awwww i love you
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
Someone with a VERY large penis. HILARIOUS! A very horny dude, who loves the feeling of girls rubbing up against him. He is amazing at pleasing women with his own style of sex position. Once your done in bed with him, all you'll be saying is..."MORE BUBBAAA, MORE!"
Can we do it like Bubba tonight?
by IronWoman03 January 27, 2011
Tall, cool, and hott who like to pop tires on weekends wit someone...has a fat steak!!
Everyone should have a friend named Bubba.
by Ghetto Fabulos March 15, 2003

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