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An affectionate word for a loved one. Someone you love infinity and beyond.
I love my bubba so so much.
by hotstuffohya March 29, 2010
A sweet, caring, fat cat who always knows how to get you to pet him. Sometimes is a baby who gets mad when he doesn't get what he wants, but definitely worth it.
Mom: Lets get this cat!
Kid: lets name him Bubba!
Mom: why?
Kid: because he is soo fat!
by bubbalover:) July 15, 2011
Sexy beast who is AMAZING at soccer and is very polite and has many friends.
by maxi lopez December 07, 2010
1. n.- a redneck or hillbilly-ish nickname for a guy, similar to Jack.

2. n. - From the polish word baba which means old lady. Many Russian, Polish and other eastern European people call their grandmother Bubba or bubby.
Earl: Where's Bubba at? He's supposed to help me fix my truck.

Cletus: He said he went to his bubba's house for pierogies for lunch.
by darqcyde August 09, 2010
A commonly used word to describe one's girlfriend. Origins of the word came from the western U.S
Mary is my bubbas.
by btgm July 16, 2010
nickname for Bill Clinton, the 42nd US president, and the best since Eisenhower. Nickname was given to him based on the fact that he came from Arkansas, a notoriously redneck/hillbilly/kicker, etc state
Man, Bubba is bad-ass! He's still doing shit even though he's not president, like getting those 2 reporters freed from North Korea! Dubya could never do that!
by c deez nuts June 17, 2010
A term of endearment to be used in describing objects, animals, or humans (but not places).
"Oh that little old man over there is so cute"
"Yeah, he's definitely a bubba"
by Luna Lovingood March 11, 2010
The defenition of a short redneck. Is usally very pale and enjoys loud music. Dresses like a negro american and hangs out with tons of beaners. Really shy, only when it comes to talking to skanky girls. He isn't afraid to talk to the ugly ones.

Another word for hubba bubba bubbalicious gum! :D
Person 1: Have you been Bubba?

Person 2: Yeah, he's in lil mexico.


Person 1: Hubba Bubba
Person 2: Hubba Bubba!
Person 1: Hubba Bubba?
Person 2: Yeah, just Bubba.
by King of the Ghetto February 26, 2010