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A jail inmate of Greg Kings. Bubba helps Greg fulfil all of his erotic fantasies and more.
Bubba, Greg King's latest victim
by RuffRyders December 17, 2004
Often associated with rednecks or hillybillys, this word is actually a mispronunciation. Originally, it was meant to be "brother". However due to accents and slurs, it came out sounding like bubba. This is generally attributed to under-educated, southern caucasions but it's also possible that it is from early african american origin.
"Hey, bubba, you want to go to the store?"
by Nemo_R_A November 28, 2004
The smallest kid in the family, ussually always trying to make himself bigger, but always failing and always ends up the smallest
wow bubba really would be a good waterpolo player if he wasn't such a pussy.
by bubba H8ter August 02, 2004
1) Conservative, working class white southener.

2) Prison rapist.
Bubba is a good'ol Dixie guy.

Bubba splipped it into Jim as he bent down to grab the soap.
by bubba November 13, 2003
A large black man, usually 5'10" or talling, weighing around 200 pounds. Bubba prefers young punks who have recently been introduced to "the system".
Damn yo, bubba had his way wit yo ass last night!
by Bubba September 06, 2003
(N.) Cheap ass soda in which you can get a 6-pack for a dollar.
Bubba Cola: The offical soda of the hood.
by G-Union August 25, 2003
a unique term of endearment orginating from the pakistani word for care taker, babu. which also has roots in strange underbelly of tired under caffinated office workers and 4am friends. all in all an odd evolution of baby which refers to the fact that damn it is good to see you again.
"hey bubba" - god am i glad to see you.
by serpentine August 23, 2003