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A slang term for a woman's breasts.
"Man, I'd love to baste her bubs."

"Man, those bubs are impeccable"
by kasparian November 12, 2009
1 8
1.A short version of bubbie or baby, used to describe a close friend.

2.Overused by people that generally can not remember peoples names or are giving sarcastic sympathy.
1. Hey "bub", how are you?

2. Oh don't worry about it "bub". It will be okay "bub".
by LoOpYlOz April 11, 2006
38 45
nickname for a 'bubbler,' or handheld water-filtering smoking device
dude, dont pack the bong, let's pack the bubs
by chris hahn May 09, 2004
11 18
A weird man who runs a consession stand and learns dance moves at Disco Tech.
"Check it once. Check it twice. Give it a little Sugar and Spice."
by ... August 15, 2003
3 10
short for "bubbler," a hand held water pipe used for smoking illegal marijuana
"Do you wanna burn?"
"Yah man, grab the bub"
by Ryan September 13, 2003
57 65
food man
Bubs runs the concession stand
by BUB641 May 16, 2003
29 37
Back Up Bitch. It is what you call the girl that you are dating or messing around with that isn't your first choice or your second girlfriend
When Speaking in front of your BUB. Use the word bubby so that she feels it is a term of endearment.
Rick: So How are you and Patty?
Jon: Well you know she is my BUB. Waiting for Jen to be single
by liquidtuna December 14, 2009
2 11