"bubs" is short for "bubble" and refers to your personal space. If someone is in your personal space you can ask them to stay out of your bubs.
Don't stand so close, step outta my bubs.
by WordCzar March 13, 2013
a computer application or game, or using a computer. also commonly used to refer to a regular (non computer based) game.
I'm doing a bub", "I'm bubbing", "Doing bubs"
by Clydeuk September 24, 2010
a girl who is not actually beutiful but she thinks that she's beautiful is called BUB.
"Bitch,I done told ya that you are ugly,you a Bub"!
by Ra Skull July 28, 2010
A slang term for a woman's breasts.
"Man, I'd love to baste her bubs."

"Man, those bubs are impeccable"
by kasparian November 12, 2009
1.)He who can fix anything what needs fixin. I.E. Drinks, Marriages, Cars...

2.) A dancin man.

3.) Could fly, till StrongBad made him say Sbu.
Bubs owns a concession stand, what which sells Drinks...um...Drinks...and...Drinks...
by Apocalypse_Cow June 06, 2004
A weird man who runs a consession stand and learns dance moves at Disco Tech.
"Check it once. Check it twice. Give it a little Sugar and Spice."
by ... August 15, 2003
Back Up Bitch. It is what you call the girl that you are dating or messing around with that isn't your first choice or your second girlfriend
When Speaking in front of your BUB. Use the word bubby so that she feels it is a term of endearment.
Rick: So How are you and Patty?
Jon: Well you know she is my BUB. Waiting for Jen to be single
by liquidtuna December 14, 2009
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