Bubs is nuggerish for boobs.
"Those bubs are taste, that gallon should smo my bron y tanks."
by JakeFest January 23, 2008
A man of true asophigogastroduodrawdnoscipis.
"Kechupdogs?"said the Night Wind to the shepard boy.
by Kamran November 16, 2003
samething as saying bob, a common mispelling of bob something you call someone owho doesn't like to be called bub,
but you still call her bub

even though she thinks it might mean something else it doesn't
saying bub is like saying bob same thing
hey bub,
by george9412 June 12, 2009
1. A friend. Like buddy.

2. Boobs Under Belly. Term for saggy tits.
"I can't believe you hit that shot, bub!"

"Wow, so mary definitley has some bubs..."
by K-rizzle December 01, 2004
A bub is a pet rat; a domesticated rat of the species rattus norvegicus domesticus.

Bubs come in many varieties: Dumbo-eared (after Dumbo the elephant; these bubs' ears are lower-down on their heads than normal); rex (naked or curly-haired; the same gene variation causes both); dwarf; angora; satin; velvet; and many more that can be seen on pet rat (bub) web sites. Bubs also come in colors ranging from agouti (brown) to dalmation (white with black spots) to blue to peach and platinum; hooded, striped, spotted, masked - almost endless variations from the original ancestor, the wild rat: rattus norvegicus.
People are so freakin' scared when they hear the word "rat" so if I'm talking about my pet rats to people I don't know, I just say 'you got a dog? oh yeah, I got bubs...one of my bubs is sitting on my shoulder right now."
saying good-bye
#1-"I will catch up with you later"
#2-"Alright, bub"

by marcopolo260690 September 08, 2008
Acronym for "Butt Ugly Bitch". Pertaining to a girl that is hideous in appearance. No butterface here. Just a pure goat like/yeti look.
Damn did you see that Bub? Hell yea dude, she was fugly.

I once knew a Bub named Keziah. She was uglier than roadkill.
by Rey A. May 08, 2007

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