He runs a concession stand at Free Country,and loves dancin.Also does the voice of the talking wheelchair from the cartoon "Sweet Cuppin Cakes"
by Bubsness October 09, 2003
Individual who has never "ridden in with his shirt off on two discount aligators, much to the delight of all his lady friends."
Buds- "Have you gotten to the part where I ride in with my shirt off on two discount aligators, much to the delight of all my lady friends?"

Strongbad - "That never happened."
by J Dog August 06, 2003
a wierdo that does this wierd thing for homestar
by sam May 08, 2003
A dancin man
by me February 01, 2003
"bubs" is short for "bubble" and refers to your personal space. If someone is in your personal space you can ask them to stay out of your bubs.
Don't stand so close, step outta my bubs.
by WordCzar March 13, 2013
a computer application or game, or using a computer. also commonly used to refer to a regular (non computer based) game.
I'm doing a bub", "I'm bubbing", "Doing bubs"
by Clydeuk September 24, 2010
a girl who is not actually beutiful but she thinks that she's beautiful is called BUB.
"Bitch,I done told ya that you are ugly,you a Bub"!
by Ra Skull July 28, 2010

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