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This is what you call the white kids in East Hampton, New York who wear John Deere hats and jackets that weigh a ton and feel like cardboard. They wear dirty landscaping boots, and never shave. They all smoke, which makes their bub jackets smell like smoke all the time. Bubs like to fish, hunt, and ride dirt bikes or quads in trails around East Hampton or Springs, which is part of East Hampton, and drive big dirty clunky Ford trucks. They are basically the white trash of East Hampton. Bubs usually live in Springs or Montauk.
"That's one bad bub"

Me:"Are you going to that party in Montauk tonight?"

Sebastian:"Na i heard it's a bub party"

Me:"Oh sucks"
by cultura10 January 21, 2009
A shorter term for the spanish word "gonorrea". It's used more to insult and demean a person. This is mostly used in Colombia, in parts like Pereira and Medellin.

Pronounced: Go-No
"Parce usted tan gono-gono"

"Your such a gono-gono"
by cultura10 January 21, 2009

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