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Bryce, when people think of you, they think of the girls you've dated, and the mistakes you've made, and your flaws. But that's because, they haven't opened your book & got to the good chapters. They stopped reading, and criticize from the first bad section they get to. But I don't see you that way.. To me, you're an open book and I can read you no matter what happens. To me, you're flawless, you're worth it, and you will get far, because you have amazing potential. I know how you feel, because I've taken a step in your shoes. Maybe you don't care right now, and maybe this means nothing to you, but that's okay. Maybe I'm not the one that makes you happy, but I sure as hell hope that whoever it is, shows you how much they care. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be who I am today. Maybe you don't see it, but I'm proud of you. I want you to know that you mean the world to me, and I'm here when nobody else is. Bryce, you're worth it. You're one of the cutest boys I've ever met, and that's not only in looks; I mean words and actions too. You're literally the rainbow in my rainstorm, and I love you for that. The way you work with math questions and other academics is incredible, and I know you're always going to get far with school. The way you play hockey is excellent, and I absolutely love watching you play. You're amazing, and you're my smile, never forget that.
"Wow, you're friends with Bryce?"
"Bryce is soso hot"
"Omg, I just saw Bryce, I had to hide"
by bigmacbigmac May 09, 2013
a guy who is excellent in bed, and you are amazed of his capabilities
That guy last night was a bryce for sure
by jeedupfromf333tup November 11, 2007
One of the raddest dudes alive.
Bryce is freaking win, man.
by me1017 September 06, 2008
Most amazing guy in the galaxy. No one could ever live without him. He has the most awesome hair and eyes and everything anyone could ever want. He has the warmest hands and so is his smile. The first person anyone would choose if they were the last people on Earth. And even if everyone was still alive i'd still be the luckiest person ever.
"I love Bryce"
"You're super lucky!"
"I love Bryce"
the act of driving innocent people insane
"Dude! I got bryced by that wack Chinese guy!"
by Marchgiahdgh April 23, 2006
A really awesome guy. Bryce always takes care of his friends especially his BEST friends. Very physicially fit and good at just about every sport he tries. Bryce's are usually really funny, and always willing to try new things. everyone needs to know a bryce.
-Hey theres bryce!
-Oh yea bryce is awesome!
by warren black August 31, 2010
A guy who is a complete womanizer. Usually seen walking with a pack of girls with him. More often than not one of said girls will be in his bed later that night. Can be a manwhore at times but he is still an overall cool person.
Guy#1: Woah that dude is with 4 girls. Is he gay?
Girl#2: No, that's just Bryce. Man, he is such a pimp dude.
by downtown cookie January 08, 2009
One who touches your girlfriend's nipples while not giving a fuck
The Bryce pissed on his roommate's chair
by imnottelling123456789 November 15, 2006