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The Bryce is an Australian slang term that is typically used to convey high regard, admiration, or reverance for a person, object, or performance.

The phrase itself has it's origins in the Australian kickboxing and boxing scene, and is commonly considered to trace back to a very successful trainer and fighter.

Often heard used in conversation by both males and females alike, this phrase, when used strictly in context, signifies that something is at the pinnacle of its greatness.
"That guy at the club was just so damn hot wasn't he girls! He was just The Bryce!"

"It was a hard fight, my opponent was real tough, but at the end of the day I am in the most Bryce shape of my life, and I came out the victor in only 2 rounds."

"I love my new car, it's The Bryce."

"Don't fuck around with that fella over there mate, cos he's The Bryce. Dude will bust you up quick smart son!"

"Thanks Mum and Dad! This birthday present is exactly what I was hoping for! It's really The Bryce! I can't wait to show my friends."

She says: "The first guy that I ever slept with that gave me multiple orgasms was really The Bryce in the sack. It has totally ruined me for all men now, cos they can never hope to live up to that performance. Damn that dirty, sexy motherfucker..."
by K9GUY June 01, 2009
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