One who touches your girlfriend's nipples while not giving a fuck
The Bryce pissed on his roommate's chair
by imnottelling123456789 November 15, 2006
The absolute best fucking person that has ever touched the earth and ever will. Everyone else's purpose on this earth is to help and be sexed up by him. All people before him were created to help produce him. He is the epiphany of evolution. After he dies you have to kill yourself because there is nothing else worth living for.
Dude, Bryce is so awesome.
by S.Thundercuntington August 25, 2010
Bryce is the definition of a good catch. He is funny, good looking, somewhat smart....not like those sexy astronauts but you won't be too disappointed. The tricks he does with his lips are worth every second. If only he was three inches taller he'd be the perfect man. But don't worry ladies he'll make up for that with his many hidden talents.
Bryce makes me loco with his outstanding hair line and sexy ankles.
by Talented Girl February 05, 2010
An extraordinary man with the most lovely baby blue bedroom eyes, an absurdly seductive grin, and beautiful brown hair that i love to run my hands through. He is always warm, and ticklish in a few places that make him twitch cutely. He has great legs, nice muscles, and large feet and hands. He is strong, handsome, sexy, and beautiful. He is intelligent, absolutely hilarious, loving, teasing, sweet, and thoughtful. He hides any hint of pain very well, and rarely opens up, but when he does he shows just how strong he really is. He is loved more than he'll ever realize. I love him with everything i have. He's my cowboy :)
by portsidefreckle October 16, 2010
The guy who is completely amazing. Any girl would be lucky to have him yet he choses GemGem out of anyone he could have. He's completely perfect and i couldnt wish for anyone better. i love him so muchh.
i love you Bryce - GemGem
by GemGemmmmmm April 08, 2009
Hillbilly goes for younger girls. Everyone with the name bryce has at least 1 person obessed with him. Cute, athletic, smart, and cool to hangout with. If you see your Girlfriend hanging with him she is most likley cheating on you cause a Bryce gots game.
That Bryce has a nice booty and smile.
Oh did i meantion he is skilled at everything(:
by shantae Williams May 01, 2010
a crazy guy.he can be hyper at times and basically has an instruction manual.he has to stay away from coffe and energy drinks, he will bounce off the walls and blow up your phone.aside from being freakishly hyper, hes one of those really cool guys.a girls best friend basically.and he treats his best friends amazingly.
Omg, have you seen what bryce got me for christmas?!

by DHIGGS December 13, 2010

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