Short stubby little asshole, One who will stab you in the back then ask you why your bleeding. A snake in the grass . AKA. HOT WHEELS.
Why are you crying? Stop being such a Bryan.
by Hotwheelzruss May 30, 2016
Bryan means a boy that that will back stab you and betray your friendship any chance he gets.(do not trust if has condom head binnie or stupid haircut and sometimes wheres glasses)then after the betrayal acts like u guys are still friends after he stole ur crush and stole ur friendship
Bryan is a Fuckboy name
by BATMAN2300 March 28, 2016
Australian slang for a cigarette.

Originated when the government brought in plain packaging on cigarettes.
"hey mate, you got any Bryan's on ya?"
by B1lly_TK May 24, 2013
He is a guyy who has reallyy cool purple pants lmaoo , and has good swagg , :b lmfaoo , ummm he CANN be nicee when he wants too but idkk it depends , he reminds me of Soulja Boy lmfaoo ! hmm ? hes kindaa nicee and hes prettyy cool and i can talkk to himm bout anythingg , sometimess ! haha , one of myy good friends , hmm , i guess thats itt soo love u bryan ? lmfaoo !
Bryan , i effingg love yo purple pants !
by hiss bestestestest frannnn July 27, 2011
I kid that everyone thinks is super funny.

He is sometimes loud and doesn't listen to others when they try to tell him he is being too loud.

Sometimes sounds like a dying pterodactyl when he screams.

He is afraid of cleaning things and eats original captain crunch whilst playing call of duty modern war fare 2 all day long.

Pretty much a cool kid.
Guy 1: Did you see Bryan today?

Guy 2: No man, he is playing Call of Duty Modern War fare 2.


Guy 2: Oh wait, I think I found him.
by SniperBunnyGirl February 18, 2010
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