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the feeling in your gut after a heavy night of drinking; a brule diarrhea feeling
A: Man, I was so wasted at that space disco party. It wasn't good for my health.

B: Shit yeah. You kissed a lot of dudes.

A: Crap. On top of that I've got a brule going this morning. Fuck it, I'm gonna watch 'Day of the Dead' and sleep for like twelve hours.
by Jason_C. April 27, 2008
Used interchangibly with rule.
Person 1: I just got a new car!
Person 2: Dude that brules!

Person 1: You seen that movie yet?
Person 2: Yeah, it bruled.
by Bruler May 04, 2004
brule means if someone is unattractive
e.g= butters
= minger
oh my god look at the girl
yeh she is so brule
can she get any uglier?
by ash February 23, 2005
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