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3 definitions by Bruler

High maintainence. Usually refering to a woman.
Person 1: You see that girl with the prada bag checking out the dude in the shiny shirt?

Person 2: Yeah, she is crazy HM.
by Bruler May 04, 2004
Used whenever it would be approprite for porno music to start playing. Like when a hot girl walks in. Comes from the sound that the funk guitar would make.
Hot girl walks in the bar. You would lean to a friend and say "banchick!"

Watching TV and you see something that is sexually exciting you would say "banchick!'
by Bruler May 04, 2004
Used interchangibly with rule.
Person 1: I just got a new car!
Person 2: Dude that brules!

Person 1: You seen that movie yet?
Person 2: Yeah, it bruled.
by Bruler May 04, 2004