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when you've had a few too many and you want to say bro, but then decide to say buddy, your brain combines the two to make BRUDDY
can you believe Jay was so wasted last night, his drunk ass spit out the word bruddy?
by JayRyder May 20, 2005
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It is when you mix the word bro and buddy together to make an ultimate definition of a really good friend!
Hey Don't talk about my Bruddy like that!
by xDalanx June 17, 2008
brother buddies; brothers who are buddies
Mike and Dave are bruddies
by Garbageboy December 11, 2006
a combination of bro and buddy.
a word used when trying to be chill to someone with a lower social status than oneselfs
Melvin- Hi Ben. Wanna see my pokemon collection?
Ben- Nah Bruddy, I gotta go to rugby practice.
by tdollafromtheg February 21, 2012
bruh-dee noun, informal.

A term used as a combination of "bro" and "buddy".

(See "Bro" and "Buddy".)
- "Hey man, whats going on?"
- "Hey bruddy, not much."
- "Did you just combine bro with buddy?"
- "I did indeed sir, I did indeed."
by Dick B. Longanhard December 02, 2009

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