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when a man ejaculates during sex and manages to maintain his erection, making him able to carry on the intercorse.
'yay i kept it up go me,what a brucie bonus, lets carry on shagging!'
by pickle49 September 21, 2006
A large protruding chin, shaped like an arse, named after Bruce Forsyth himself.
Yeah your hairs fine, but it's going to take more than that to move the attention away from your Brucie Bonus.
by Metalspork November 13, 2007
When your smoking a spliff in a group environment and someone passes you the roach with maximum of one toke left.
Cheers buddy! you sorted me out with a Brucie Bonus. A literal translation of Bruce Forsyth jizzing into your mouth, whilst shouting "Nice to see you. To see you Nice!......."
by The Jizzernator November 17, 2009
The additional utility a woman receives when finding that her partner for the night has a HUGE cock.
I had a brucie bonus last night.
by SexyandIknowit-JF November 21, 2011
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