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to bid another a welcoming. Or to celebrate a victory in a HELLOOOO style.
good morrow sir.
how many irish men does it take to change a lightbulb, 100, 1 to hold it and 99 to turn the room, GOOD MORROW
by pickle49 July 17, 2008
when a man ejaculates during sex and manages to maintain his erection, making him able to carry on the intercorse.
'yay i kept it up go me,what a brucie bonus, lets carry on shagging!'
by pickle49 September 21, 2006
an experssion used to convey your joy at sumthing.
'i l'arve i do,i l'arve it so much i think im going to sing,we l'arve it, l'arve it
by pickle49 September 21, 2006
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