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A very large bro, weighing over 200 pounds and at least 6 ft tall. Commonly used with "bronormous".
Steve is a fucking brozilla! I can feel the ground shake when he comes.
by OffshoreDolphin June 25, 2009
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A bro doing amazing bro things with his bros becomes a brozilla!!!

Godzilla + Bro + Asian inability to pronounce Ls= Broziiiirrrraaa!!!
Hey brozilla, good looking out on bringing us back some beers."
by Broziiirrraaaa!!! September 22, 2011
an uptight guy who doesn't like looking silly
My brozilla ain't down with wearing a Halloween costume nor any other ostentatious displays of self-expression.
by Jughead October 02, 2004

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