a fart which releases a small amount(less than a teaspoon full) of feces into a persons underwear.While more than a teaspoon of feces qualifies a shitting the pants,less than a teaspoon is known as just browning out.
I held in the fart for fear of browning out.
by fuad ramses January 30, 2004
Top Definition
An expression used in the show It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia where you get very drunk but you can still remember a few suddle events.
Dude last night I was totally browning out.
by chea123_123 October 30, 2010
The resulting comatose state induced by a sudden, intense, and in most cases involuntary bowel movement. The victim may temporarily develop a minor form of amnesia due to an unstable peak in anal pressure and release known as Anal Fragmentation. Anal Fragmentation leaves the victim with little memory of said movement prior to losing consciousness. This is informally known as the process of blowing out ones sphincter.

The aftermath of a case of "Browning Out", provided the victims anus is still within repair, often calls for the prompt administration of medical and psychological aid. If left unattended the victim will experience long-term anal leakage and probable death due to serious infection and inability to withhold from defecation. Or Simply die of embarrASSment.
I invited the new girl from work out to family dinner on Sunday. The date was going well until Susie's bowels exploded on Gram Gram. Susie and Gram Gram are still in the hospital due to the browning out incident and cannot recall anything after the appetizers. Susie had mentioned her condition in regards to ethnic foods, and to Gram Gram's demise-- I ignored it. I'm sorry Gram Gram.
by FranMan November 13, 2013
The term Browning out refers to a friend or co-worker who consistantly says that they will do or say something then don't end up doing it at the last minute.
Adam "Browned out" of the rock concert to hang out with his bitch.
by Ryan Cote May 06, 2005
The act of plowing an anus and being such a boss, that when you pull out, the anus pushes out a little mud monkey and or hershey squirts due to the fact that the person had suffered from Brownian motion earlier that day at skyline and did not appropriately handle the situation with care.
Dude, Jenna was totally browning out everywhere last night, had to change my sheets.

Dan and I went to skyline last night for dinner, bad idea, I Browned out for at least 6 hours, I didn't listen to that brownian motion.

I usually try to drop a Da Vinci Code before John and I do it, but I just ended up Browning out for at least and hour last night.
by ilovekitten1990 February 05, 2011
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