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Fed up, pissed off, disappointed.
Thought by some to have come from a euphemism for 'buggered', it is actually of 14th Century English origin, the original phrase was to be in a "Brown study", where 'brown' = dark & sombre, 'study' = a daydreamy state. Meaning has shifted to today's meaning, and the phrase has become "Browned off".
"I'm really browned off that I paid £50 for a ticket, and couldn't get in to the show."
by Phil Gillet August 13, 2007
1. to be very annoyed
2. another word for thorough cooking of meat
3. to be off your face on heroin
1. Teacher: "i am really browned off now"
2. Mom: "dinner will be soon just letting the meat brown off"
3. Pete: "oh shit ted was browned off at the weekend"
by Hypetrack April 20, 2008
pissed off
I'm browned off because I had a bad day at work.
by jiggawatt129 May 09, 2003