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1. to request something impolitely.
2. a term of affection towards an attractive person
1. Bob: "Bit On that burger mandem"
2. Connie: "OMG Dave is topless. Bit On
by Hypetrack April 20, 2008
1. to be very annoyed
2. another word for thorough cooking of meat
3. to be off your face on heroin
1. Teacher: "i am really browned off now"
2. Mom: "dinner will be soon just letting the meat brown off"
3. Pete: "oh shit ted was browned off at the weekend"
by Hypetrack April 20, 2008
Another name for a heroin user
Oh man James is such a brownhead
by Hypetrack April 20, 2008
when a kid buys a load of random rubbish from camden market in London and decides to wear it all at once. Looks terrible no matter who you are

Camdencore can also be applied to people who do the same at hot topic
Girl "omg dave is so camdencore"
Boy "no he just looks like a idiot"
by Hypetrack April 18, 2008
to do something of questionable legality in front of a disapproving friend.
Lee:So he started fingering her and it was disgusting because they are both underage and i had to sit there and watch.
Steve:pull a jones did he?
by Hypetrack April 19, 2008
Lolrz is yet another instant messaging expression.
Lolrz means something which is generally funny and means that LOL cant be used
Jim: ZOMG! teh noob is teabagging me l33t
Noob: LOLRZ pwned
by Hypetrack April 19, 2008
the verb for playing call of duty 4 online
Maureen: Hey Wanna play some football?
Wayne: Nah i am codding till 7 then going to bed
by Hypetrack April 20, 2008

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