Someone who sucks up to their boss or teacher in order to recieve a promotion or better grades
Guy 1: Those four girls are kissing up to the teacher so bad!

Guy 2: I know, they are known as "The Brown Nosers"
by tittyfuck69 May 08, 2009
An ass-kisser with bad depth perception.
Johnny went the rest of the day with a brown nose because when he went to kiss his boss's ass, his nose went into his asshole.
by "Dirt" June 05, 2004
A person that sniffs the hindquarters of a person from whom advancement is sought.
"look at Mike, he's brownnosing her again."
by symtron June 02, 2005
A person who acts favorably to his or her peers to gain stasis or fancy that will eventually be used to their advantage. Such as a raise, promotion, or acceptance in a group. Usually brown nosers will do anything to gain the approval of their person of choice. These people can also be described as losers because they can’t work for what they want, instead they play dirty and butter-up the boss/teacher/peer into getting what they want. Another word for this person is a shoe shiner or a rough translation of brown noser in Spanish is, an eye licker.
"Alvita immediately replied to Annette message, she is such a chamcha and a brown noser"
by Abdul Azziz October 04, 2015
some1 who sucks the bosses dick to not get fired
Kal licks Mad Mike's ass in order for him not to get fired
by Ian McClure January 02, 2005
middle management--trucking bosses
Trucking managers are such brownnosers when it comes to talking to the prez of the company.
by coastworm October 05, 2003
Someone who kisses/licks a person's arse (and so gets a brown nose)
verb: That Julian is a real brown noser
adj: I've got to do some brown nosing with the boss
by IanM September 14, 2003
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