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1. A person that shines shoes.
2. A person in the workplace which submits to every request made by a superior in an effort to be the favourite.
3. A teacher's pet.
4. Tommy (Joe Pecsi) in 'Goodfellas'.
Lorenzo: Yea, yea, yeah! Let me get that for ya, Mike!
<Lorenzo opens the door for Mike>
Guy1: You see that? What a shoe shiner!
by hairlessfrank February 18, 2012
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1. The action of pleasuring a woman with your foot.

2. A man/woman who polishes your boots
I gave my shoe shiner a shoe shiner.
by nyehehe January 12, 2011
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a girl or guys tit (usually a girl)
guys use this word so girls wont know what they are talking about
"DAMN her shoe shiner got bigger"
by Jhasmyn o'connor February 21, 2009
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