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A person who sticks the front of their car in the path of another in an attempt to force their way into a lane.
"He tried to pull a total noser back there but I didn't let him in."
by Steve Capstick June 27, 2006
A guy with a very large nose. The tip of their nose is like a clown's red nose. It's very wide, red and shiny. The people with nosers hang out with girls a lot. They get boners on their noses.
Liz: OMG! Bob's nose is so huge! He always hangs out with Lilly.
Tom: Yeah, that's why he has a noser!
Liz: LOL
by TheRedNoseReindeer April 19, 2011
When tit fucking a girl, stick the tip of you're dick up her one nostril when you're about to blow you're load. If you blow good enough it should shoot out the other nostril.
Man! I gave this chick a good noser the other night!
by erratic_hondamatic_man August 22, 2003

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