The most beautiful and attractive eye colour on men. Over 90% of brown-eyed people who put colored contacts are women. Brown eyed men rarely consider contacts as they know the brown color goes well with their masculinity.

Brown eyes are usually found in countries like Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Iran, Malta and Turkey.

Blue/green eyes are beautiful on women because of their flamboyant colour, but on male they're pretty out of place and feminine, thus giving them that so-called pretty boy look.

On a man, brown eyes complete their masculinity and sexy looks. On a woman, brown eyes are not bad, but rather plain (look at Anne Hathaway). Not to mention, female sex symbols tend to be blue/green eyed while male symbols tend to be brown eyed.
Some hot men with gorgeous brown eyes:

Heath Ledger
Ricky Martin
Enrique Iglesias
Justin Bieber (not a fan btw, but he's cute)
Nick Jonas
Jason Statham
Vin Diesel
Antonio Banderas
Ben Affleck

Brown eyed men whom I don't find attractive but are called sexy a lot by other women:

George Clooney
Johnny Depp
Ashton Kutcher
Taylor Lautner
by Glenarina October 24, 2011
Top Definition
The eye color that the culture seems to have something against. Everyone who has brown eyes wants to wear contacts to have blue eyes, as if they believe that brown eyes are the color of ugliness.
Since when were brown eyes ugly? What the fuck is wrong with these people?!
by raspberry (lust) muffin May 03, 2005
A beautiful, gorgeous, exotic eye-color which is extremely appealing but also underappreicated because of how common it is. Brown eyes are dominate over all other eye colors, but they nonetheless make eyes look extremely dramatic especially when they are enormous and framed with long, thick, black lashes, which certainly makes up for their commonness. (Yes, that's a word now.)
She has large, exotic brown eyes that makes guys fall off their seats with one penetrating, sexy glare.
by SCS91 July 11, 2006
slang for the butt hole or anus.
When the brown eye winks, the whole room stinks.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance November 20, 2003
The most beautiful color of eyes. Italians, Spanish, Indians, Arabs, Blacks, and Latinos most commonly have this color. Brown Eyes are sexy as hell. If you get blue contacts or green you are just degrading yourself. Work with what you got.
Brown eyes are sexy. People who dye their hair blonde, get fake blue contacts, and fake tans are degrading themselves.
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
A beautiful eye color that looks good on all shades of skin and is found all over the world, but even its lack of rareness can't take away its beauty.

"Your eyes are as brown
As the Night's, looking down
On waters that sleep
With the moon in their deep" . . .
--Madison Julius Cawein, "If I Were Her Lover"
He has amazing brown eyes that you can't help but envy.
by La Joueur de Mots July 12, 2006
People say that blue eyes are pretty, and yeah, they are, but brown ares are exotic and rare, and that's what makes them special, that's what makes them beautiful. Brown eyes represent mystery and makes eyes look extremely dramatic. It look...s great on all shades of skin. It's the most beautiful colour of eyes, and also sexy as hell. If they get contacts, they are just degrading themselves. Brown looks plain on paper, cause it is a plain and boring colour, but when put into eyes, and the light shines through it and it's like it's reflecting off glass, brown no longer describes it. It becomes a whole new colour, and it's just gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, and any other words you can think of.

When you look into brown eyes it's like falling into soft, deep, rich, Belgian chocolate. Writers often say in books that when they look into someone's eyes they feel like they're falling into them. When you look into brown/blackish eyes, you're falling into darkness, you're so happy you can't see. But when you fall into blue eyes, what are you falling into? The ocean? You can't fall into the ocean, or you will drown, silly. And when you drown, you die.

Conclusion: blue eyes kill. Brown eyes kick ASS!
Blue eyes are pretty, but brown eyes are GORGEOUS.
by Party Phil!!! December 18, 2011
The eye that don't wink, it only stinks.
"How about you let me put it in your browneye?"
by Mosi June 24, 2003

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