While having anal sex, you pull your dick out and draw a smiley face in shit on your girls ass.
I was ass bangin' my girl, and I gave her a brown clown.
by Gene Barrio December 29, 2008
A person who takes pleasure in smearing their face in somebody else's excretion in order to recreate a clown's smile.
'Look at that man! He's got shit on his face'
'Yes, that's a brown clown. Can you see the smile?'
'Oh yes, how charming'.
by Bagel Dave July 03, 2006
n. Any amount of fecal matter that is funny enough to save and show your roommate.
I know I should have flushed, but that Brown Clown woulda drown.
by Joel TK June 11, 2005
Someone who yearns for the act of anal intercourse.
My friends, Marcellus and Collin, are both the biggest brown clowns in town.
by Slam Bam Horny Man September 01, 2007
A euphonism for anal sex.
I going to introduce her to the brown clown tonight.
by Matt June 19, 2006
What most people become, belligerent & annoying, when they drink brown-colored alcohol (ie. whiskey, rum,, tequila).
Chrisser: Adam, can you get me a Diet Coke while you're up?

Adam: F U, Beeotch, get your own damn Diet Coke. Nobody tells me what to do, especially not my Baby Mama !

Chrisser: Hey Brown Clown, did you hit the Capn Morgan's & coke again while I was at work all day ?!?!?!
by The Wigga May 02, 2008
"Man" who fuckes anothers ass
As in queer bastard
by Sensible August 21, 2003
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