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9 definitions by LBo979

To become "well lubricated" consuming alcoholic beverages. To get boozey.
I like to drink a few Miller Lites, get oiled up, and crank up my favorite classic rock jams.
by LBo979 February 20, 2009
When you are in the throes of pleasure and the cat comes in the room, hops on the bed, and throws you off your rhythm.
My roommate confessed that recently during intimacies the action came to an abrupt halt, as she and her gentleman caller were afflicted with catus interruptus when her cat came in to visit.
by LBo979 December 02, 2010
A jazzed up version of 'poop', for extra flair.
After work is my special decompression poopis time.
by LBo979 February 20, 2009
Bullshit. Similar to jack-assery.
Getting my ass kicked at Tetris is jack-dickery!
by LBo979 November 22, 2010
I took a ride on a dicklestick last night!
by LBo979 November 02, 2010
It can masquerade as many favorite words. From "George Dickel" the booze. Can be substituted for many other standard, yet boring words and/or profanities.
I got george dickeled in a balls intense game of Settlers of Catan. "What the dickel!" "I got dickeled up last night."
by LBo979 February 20, 2009
Pornography for a heterosexual female audience.
We feminists were on a quest for ween porn in Vegas! None of that gay shit, thank you. We want to see some penis!
by LBo979 November 02, 2010