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the mixture of cocaine and gunpowder
we snorted brown brown last night and were trippin balls
by andydekam January 10, 2006
An amazing concoction consisting of high-grade cocaine and gun powder that causes people to go nuts.
Brett was having a fairly boring evening until he hit up the brown brown and killed someone.
by The Gleason April 20, 2006
Brown-brown is a form of powdered cocaine, cut with powder from gun cartridges. Commonly given to child soldiers in West African armed conflicts,1 the drug gained notoriety after it was used by Nicolas Cage's character, Yuri Orlov, in the 2005 film Lord of War
Wanna do some brown brown?
by knowing is everything April 20, 2010
Dual lines of gunpowder and cocaine. The gunpowder actually has no effect other than pain and any dillusional experiences are purely placebo induced.

Its given to child soldiers in fucked up countries of africa prior to battle.
snap outta it dude brown brown is just placebo

dammit dude why did u tell me that now im of my high
by shitterwasfull October 28, 2006
A strange being, that of an alien, bat, vampire, and venonat breed
brown brown is so strange, no wonder he doesn't have any friends
by kalboondox April 27, 2011
(n) poop
(v) pooping, to poop
Language of origin: Latin; "brunus brunus". This term was used in ancient rome to connote a massive outpouring of diarrhea.
I'm gonna go brown brown
by NoParents November 08, 2008
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