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The set of standards and guidelines that all guido's must follow in every aspect of their lives
"Dude I don't care if you ran out of hair gel, you go to the store and buy more. To go out clubbing without spiking your hair is definitely against brotocol."
by Team Brotocol February 11, 2008
38 14
Similar to protocol. Brotocol is a strict code of conduct followed by bros. No matter what the activity may be, bros have to follow brotocol.
Tony: Bro, I don't care if you called shotgun, I'm sitting in the front seat.

Joe: Bro, you gotta follow brotocol, get in the back seat!
by Joe Bro Bro Joe December 03, 2009
25 5
The rules and regulations dealing with bro interactions, following Man Law.
"Drew went on a date with my ex-girlfriend last night. What a breach of brotocol."
by Brown Magick February 26, 2010
10 0
Bro Protocol. Standard procedures and guidelines for bro behavior and bro gatherings.
What should be do tonight bro?
Let's play some beer pong and then pick up some bitches, that's pretty standard bro-tocol for a Friday.
by CT is Weak Sauce April 27, 2010
5 1
The customs and regulations dealing with patriarchal formality, precedence, and etiquette.
Guy 1: "Bro, I just picked up two chicks at the bar, and you get to choose which one!"

Guy 2: "I'm gunna get some good poozle tonight thanks to some brotocol!"
by Bromansam4 July 19, 2010
1 3
Is a set standard that Bro's have that covers the type of relationship they have together and what is allowed and not allowed and/or what is considered to be that of a homosexual nature
Bill: Did you see how that guy just helped out his bro by stopping him from going out with that fat chick

Dan: uh yeah you dont have to tell me, its in the brotocol
by The Crusty nut February 20, 2009
4 7